Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Callie Update

Last Thursday we had Callie's 2 month check-up.
(How is she two months old already!?!)
Anyway, the doctor said everything looks great and that she's perfect.  We agree. :)
She also experienced her very first crying episode with real tears.  He was looking in her ears and apparently she did not like that and started bawling. :( And then as soon as the poor little thing stopped the nurse came in to give her shots.  Thankfully Matt came with (actually I always make him come with when there are shots involved) and stayed in the room with her while I stood out in the hall covering my ears. 

Here's the stats on our sweet girl at 2 months (and 1 week) old.

Weight: 15 pounds (99 percentile)
Height: 23 inches (68 percentile) - Although I think our pediatrician's nurse was a little nervous to push or pull on her legs too much because the next day at Gillette they measured her at almost 24 inches.
Head Circumference: 16 inches (87 percentile)

Perfect indeed!!

And now the hip update...

Friday Matt and I took Callie back to Gillette for our first check since getting her harness.  When we got there we went straight to the ultrasound room.  It always seems to take such a long time but I'm sure they need to get very accurate pictures of the joints while they are moving them around.  Callie did great though, at one point the girl doing the ultrasound stopped and said she needed her to not be moving around so much.  Hello lady, you just took her harness off, of course she wants to be kicking her legs!  They eventually got what they needed and then started looking and measuring and whispering.  I told Matt that I hated them standing right in front of us whispering about all these numbers.  He said even if they weren't whispering I would have no idea what they were talking about.  Good point...but still.  After more discussion they left to go talk to the radiologist.  Waiting, waiting, pacing, waiting.  It was probably only a few minutes but I was so nervous and anxious to hear what they found.  Even though it had only been 3 weeks we have been praying that there would be progress, any progress.  Just something to let us know that things were going in the right direction.

They came back in and one of the girls said she was making amazing progress.
Amazing progress!!
I instantly teared up and I think I almost hugged them.  This was more than we were expecting!  Her measurements (not exactly sure what that is, I think the angle of the bones???) are in the normal range on both sides!  There is still some movement in the socket when they push down on her hips but even that is so much better than it was.

So for now we keep doing what we have been doing and we will go back in another 3 weeks.  I am trying really hard to not get my hopes up after such a great visit but I keep thinking that just maybe she will be out of this thing before Summer is over and she can wear cute little dresses and swimsuits and be able to put her little toes in the sand and sit in the pool.  If not, it will be fine because we need to do what we need to do to get this fixed, but if wonderful would that be!! :)


CM said...

Woo Hoo! That's great news! So happy that she's making progress!

She's adorable as ever!

Mike and Katie said...

Yeah! I'm hoping for more good news on your next visit!

Stephanie R. said...

Shes beautiful! Its good to hear that shes making so much progress. Hope it continues =]

TheFitHousewife said...

That's wonderful news! What a cute and sweet little girl :)

Unknown said...

Yeah Callie! So glad to hear the good news!

It will all be over before you know it!!

Pennie said...

You know I'm praying, Laura! I'll continue!!! I'm so happy to hear about Callie's progress and fully expect that your greatest hopes will be realized...let's pray that by the end of summer, she'll be out of her harness! :)

Bethany said...

Gave me chills! Again! I am so excited for you all and again amazed at our God. You know what I'm praying for and I'll keep on doing it.

I cannot believe she is that big already. Yeah, Callie! :)

Kami said...

Praise the Lord for such an amazing update! It brought me to tears just knowing the concern you are experiencing for her and the sweet relief that must have flooded your soul upon hearing those words. Wow, God really IS good ALL the time.

I don't think it's a bad thing to get your hopes up that she will be out of the harness before summer is over. God is not confined by what the doctors tell you and His plans are not our plans. He loves to surprise us in huge ways - I'm praying that he chooses to do so for you in this situation!

Miss you and hope that we can get together again soon!

~cody said...

Hi Laura,
From a mama who had her baby girl in a harness (and then a brace), I'm excited for all of you for her good progress! Katie (of Mike & Katie :)) let me know about your little one, so I thought I'd say hello and let you know you can read a little of our story here:

Enjoy your sweet little one!


Sonya said...

I am so glad to hear that she made such great progress! Before you know it she will be one and walking just like Colton is now. We kick Hip Dysplasia BUTT!!!!!!

rachel said...

YAY! what fabulous news! so very happy! hope she's outta that harness soon!

Kate said...

Way to go Callie!!

You've been so loving and so strong throughout this, Laura. You're a good mom.