Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Quick Hello

I have so much to say and lots of updates but just don't have much time these days, and the time I do have I am busy holding my baby...or my little man...or my 4 AND A HALF year old. (yes, we are in the stage in life where the half really matters.) :)

Anyway, I am working on an update post about Callie...for only being 7 weeks old she sure has had a busy life.  Thank you for the emails/texts/calls asking about how she is doing, she sure is loved!

And of course I can't post without at least one picture, so here's one of Braden rocking Callie while he sang to her one morning.  A moment that melts a mommy's heart for sure! :)


rachel said...

oh Laura, i have been thinking so much about you guys. sending prayers your way, too.

E had her exams last week and everything came back normal. so very happy!

sending you much love from TX!

Sonya said...

cute picture and I love Braden's outfit!! :)

CM said...

Aww, look at the big brother rocking his baby sis. Way cute!

Hope everything is going well. Take care and get some rest!

Bethany said...

Look at those two!!! Is he as gentle with her it looks?

I'm waiting to see the video of Braden and Alexa. I think Alexa and Hope would get along fabulously. Either that or really butt heads. :) Those two seem to be cut from the same mold.

Seizing My Day said...

That is so sweet I can't stand it!! I remember my little girl doing that with her baby brother 9 years ago!! aaaaaaaaaaah!! =) Snuggle as much as they will let you... not only does it go fast... but they get so busy with school and sports and music... and you find less and less time to snuggle!! **sniff** sniff**

Unknown said...

Without a doubt that photo would melt any Mommies heart!