Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365: Days 42-47

Day 42

Day 43 - Tummy time with Daddy

Day 44 - Gramma came over and brought stuff to make bunny cupcakes.  Only a couple survived. :)

Day 45 - My girls. <3

Day 46 - Look who found her thumb!

Day 47 - Sorting through (and eating) all the goods from the Easter Egg Hunt.


Tyler said...

Wonderful pics girl! There are so many really really good ones :) Looks like Miss Callie is goig to look like her daddy. Have not seene enough of her to judge yet but the pic of her and Alexa she reminds me of him. So glad everyone is doing well!

CM said...

Awww, tummy time with daddy!

Bethany said...

Miss Callie is absolutely beautiful! :) Alexa looks like she is in heaven having a little sister. I see a lot of doing nails and hair, make up lessons, and dress up in the very near future. Braden is going to need some boy dress up clothes. :) (Doug says he's going to need lots of daddy time!)
I hope you are doing well. I miss seeing you pop up on my dashboard, but I know you're doing better things. Hugs!

Pennie said...

Two girls is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Those cupcakes are so cute! And, the Easter egg hunt looks like it was a success! ;)

Have a great Easter, Laura!

Unknown said...

So so cute Laura! I just love the thumb picture. I can't wait until she curls her litle thumb around her nose! :)

Wonderful pictures!