Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

I love Easter.
I love filling baskets for my kids.
I love dying eggs.
I love the that He has Risen!
I love spending the day with family.
I love that it (usually) finally feels like Spring.
I love Easter Sunday Church service.  Which I so happened to miss this year because I was busy in the bathroom giving Callie a mini bath because she had been busy having a major blowout.  Her first Easter dress lasted a whole hour AND I didn't even get a picture of her in it first.  Actually I didn't get a picture of either of my girls in their cute little dresses. {sigh} Maybe we'll have to do an Easter dress-up redo this weekend. :)

I think I get more excited about filling Easter baskets than I do Christmas stockings.  I usually go a little overboard but really a lot of what I put in them is Summer stuff that we would be getting anyway.  Is that cheating? :)

The kids woke up and went through their baskets and played with some of their new things.  Actually, Braden (our OCD child) wouldn't let us take his stuff out...he took one thing out at a time and put it back where it was before looking at something else.  He cracks me up.

After that we headed to church and then up to my parents house to eat lunch and then the kids had an Easter Egg Hunt.  It's was so much fun watching them run around like little crazy people.  Alexa kept telling everyone else where their eggs were and Braden would just grab any eggs he could find. :)

Alexa has such a sweet little heart, I just love that about her.  On Friday we were talking about how that was the day Jesus died on the cross and she looked at me so seriously and said how sad she was that He had to do that every year. haha She is such a sweetie! (and we got that cleared up for her)

Alexa and Auntie Alaina

Day 55

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! :)


Pennie said...

I LOVE the one with Callie in the cute is THAT????

Thanks for your encouragement on Project 365! Actually, looking at your pictures got me to thinking that I needed to dust off my camera and get out there and use it! Then, when one of the Mommytography gals commented on my blog, I thought that was a sign...I needed to get my tail in gear.

I actually bid on photoshop software (the first thing I EVER bid on on Ebay...ever!!!) and it's being delivered this week! So, maybe I'll have good looking pictures with my name written on the bottom like all the big girls do! ;) (I can't even learn to use my camera and I think I can learn to use photo editing software???? Whatever...)

Anyhow, I love looking at your weekly pictures. They surely do say a thousand words (and we know I have 'em, don't we?). I could use some summarizing!

Unknown said...

That photo of Callie is priceless!!!! I love that Braden puts everything right back where it was. My son has a couple OCD tendencies that come out here and there. Of course, he probably inherited them from me :D

You never cease to amaze me with all that you do - everything is so put together. great idea to put summer stuff in the baskets. Much easier on the teeth!

Amy said...

I think YOU got the best basket ever, with that beautiful Callie inside! How adorable! And what fun baskets. I am impressed. I just put in tons of candy, eggs, and then one or two toys. Way ta go!

TheFitHousewife said...

What wonderful baskets! Great pictures, love the one of Callie in the basket! That's funny, I have an OCD child too! Everything has to be a certain way....wonder where he gets that from?!

Bethany said...

I love those pictures and that quote from Alexa is too sweet. Good thing she let's you know what she's thinking so you can clear it up. ;)
I would love to meet Braden. He sounds like such a trip. Maybe he could teach my kids a thing or two, since I'm failing in the neatness department.
Callie is too sweet. And cute. And pudgy. Love those pictures.

Unknown said...

Adorable! Happy Easter to you all. :)

Sonya said...

I want that sweet baby in my Easter basket!! :) such a cute idea and she fit so perfect. You guys sure do make beautiful kiddos. :)

Kate said...

Love the basket-o-Callie!!

Great pics, Laura. You have beautiful children.