Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Christmas Secret

Last weekend we finally got our Christmas tree up.  I have to say, I am quite surprised at how well the kids (mostly Braden) have been doing with it considering before we even had any ornaments on the thing there was already blocks being thrown into it.  Prime example on why someone incredibly smart invented the shatter proof balls, he or she clearly had little boys.

Anyway, here's our Christmas secret...we bought a fake tree this year.
I know millions of people have fake trees and it's not a big deal but ever since we bought our house we have gotten real trees.  This was our thought, we would be the next Griswold family and make wonderful memories for our children while we sang Christmas songs and went out and searched for the perfect tree.  Here's the thing, the first 2 or 3 years we ended up at the local hardware store picking out a tree.  Ummm, yeah.  Great Memories.

So after some discussion we agreed that we would get a fake tree as long as we still made memories by going to the tree farm and driving around to look at lights and going on sleigh rides and drinking hot cocoa all while our kids cry because we make them sit on Santa's lap.  Combine that with the fact that I don't have to find pine needles in my house until April, perfect.

So here it is, our fake tree's debut.
We like it and that's what matters. :)

As we were out searching for our prefect (fake) tree I passed by this stocking and decided that little Baby Bignell needed it. 

5 stockings.
I love it!

And a picture of our nativity scene because I think it's awesome.


Liz Mays said...

I am all about the fake tree. You can put it up earlier, it's not as messy, and the branches are more ornament friendly. Good call, mama.

Helga said...

The (fake) tree looks great!!! I am not really into real trees after a horrible experience one year so I really like FAKE trees :) I love the baby stocking...too cute!! I also really like the stocking holder! The kids's trees are adorable and I am sure they are loving having them in their rooms!

Pennie said...

This year was the first year in 18 years that we've had a fake tree! I went down into the family room and saw the tree the other day and panicked...I thought, "Oh man, I had better water that thing!" Then, I remembered - ahhhh...freedom!

We'll enjoy it, Laura - together!

Unknown said...

We have the same navity set. I don't have the stars and house though....maybe this year?

Love the tree....we went to the hardware store and then out for dinner.....?????

Looks beautiful and stocking is great! :)

CM said...

Oh how cool, they each have their own tree!

We have a fake tree too. I totally agree, our memories are made decorating the tree, not spending hours trying to find the perfect one out in the freezing cold.

Love the baby stocking! Maybe I need a fifth one someday ;-) Just kidding.

Mama M. said...

I LOVE that nativity set! In fact, I've wanted it for years! Hmmmm...perhaps it's something to ask for for Christmas?! ;)

Julie said...

I have that nativity set too! I love it! We have a fake tree too. Every once in a while we will get a real one but most years the fake one goes up!!

Carma Sez said...

Your place looks so festive. We have yet to take out our faux tree --- and we really have no excuses since we only have one kid and I'm not pregnant!

TheFitHousewife said...

Your tree looks gorgeous, I love the ribbon! We have a fake tree too, I can't be bothered to vacuum everyday!

Shelli said...

lol...Laura, your trees look so cute. I really like the pink and blue ones too. We have a real tree but got it at the hardware store so I have a feeling it might not be long until we resort to a fake one. I also have the same nativity set and love it and also have a "baby" stocking and love that too! :)

Bethany said...

Beautiful! I say if it works go with it. So there you have it. My permission. Aren't I generous? :)
I can't give up the live (or formerly live) tree. Even though I'm extremely frugal, it's one of the ew things I'll splurge on.
That nativity is so beautiful. Where did you find that?

Sandra said...

I'm all about the fake trees. This way you aren't vacuuming up pine needles until June. Love the little blue tree too!

Jen said...

That is a fun tradition in itself. I was just sweeping up hundreds of pine needles this morning.
Love the thingy that the stockings are on....and yay for the baby stocking too.

Seizing My Day said...

Beautiful tree!! yeah... cutting down trees is for families with teens!! lofty goals... we all do it!! haha! ;) I LOVE your stocking holder!! though Merlin would tip it over in a heart beat... stinker!!

Sonya said...

I love the deocorations! We have always had a fake tree :)

Alexa looks SOOOO BIG! Oh my goodness.

I forgot about your stocking hanger. DANG! I need to find me one of those. I think you told me where you got it last year but can you refresh my memory?? :)