Friday, November 19, 2010

Love, Me

Dear Matt,
Thank you for bringing in all the Christmas bins so I can decorate the house even though you don't think they should go up until after Thanksgiving.  I'm so excited to get everything out and I think you will like it too.  You're such an awesome husband!
Your Happy Wife

Dear lady at the gym,
Thank you for asking me when I was due this week.  It's always nice to have that first person who doesn't know you're pregnant say something.  I now feel a little more pregnant and a little less fat.
An Excited Pregnant Woman

Dear Alexa,
Thank you for having the kindest heart I have ever seen in a child.  You amaze me with the passion you have and I love that you never go day without doing or saying something that melts my heart.
Your Very Proud Mama

(Here's one that I really loved from this week.  Alexa has a children's read and learn Bible that she loves reading.  She usually takes it with her to bed for rest time and at night and looks through it.  There has been many times she will tell me a story from it just by looking through the pictures.  This week she was looking at the end where they had Jesus' hands tied up and were bringing him to the cross.  Alexa came running out of her room asking why they were doing that and then kept asking other questions like, "Do you think they were hurting Him?" and "Do you think Jesus cried?" and after we talked about what was happening she looks at me with the most serious face and says, "I do not like this one bit!"  Such a sweet heart.)

Dear Braden,
Thank you for not getting sick or having any side effects after eating half of a pack of gum that you found in my purse.  Oh, and thanks for not getting hurt after learning to crawl out of your crib this week.  You sure do know how to freak your Mom out on a regular basis.
Your Thankful Mommy

Dear Carl,
Thank you for being my parent's neighbor, a great family friend and a doctor.  I really appreciate that you don't mind getting calls because of a slightly panicked Mom and reassuring her that this isn't the first time a child has eaten a massive amount of gum.
A Mom You Will Probably Hear From Again

Dear Little Baby in my Belly,
Thank you for being so active and kicking hard enough that Daddy was able to feel you move for the first time last night.  I was so excited and I think he was too.  I can't wait for Alexa and Braden to be able to feel some of your kicks too.
Someone Who is Very Excited to Meet You


rachel said...

I LOVE this!!!! Made me smile!

Bethany said...

You have a gift at making your family come to life on this blog. Thanks for sharing them. :) Can't wait to see more pictures...hint, hint. :)

Helga said...

That was so sweet :) How exciting that the baby kicked hard enough so that Matt felt it :) That is one of the most exciting things when pregnant!

Have a great weekend!!

TheFitHousewife said...

What a sweet post Laura! I love the one about Alexa asking about Jesus being kids ask the same thing! It's so hard to explain but I try my best.

Karen Whittal said...

We have so much to be greatful for, and I think that we should all make a list from time to time

Jen said...

Love this...all of it! Yay! Have a great weekend!

Sonya said...

such a sweet post!

Gramma said...

Dear laura,
Thank You for being a Wonderful Daughter, a Great Wife and the best Mom that my Grandbabies could have!! And I can't wait to be able to feel that New Little One kick also some day soon!!
Your Thankful Mother
ps...I sent this post on for Carl to read!! :)

Unknown said...

So sweet! The last one was the best!

Nice post Laura!!!'re a gem to get all the decor out.


Thankful to be your friend,


Shannon K. said...

Love this post. Especially the part of the Jesus stories. She is certainly a sweetie.

And cheers to looking pregnant!! Do you know what you are having yet?

Lourie said...

Oooh, Laura I love these letters! I think I will do this on Thanksgiving. And I will link back to you ofcourse! Wonderful letters!

Hazel Nut said...

I love this Laura! All of it made me smile :)

You should turn this into a weekly link up, I would join you so I can do this too and not feel like I am stealing your idea ;)

Pennie said...

Dear Laura,
Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog. I feel like I know you like a neighbor (let's face it, you kind of are...).
I am excited for you, being pregnant and all.
I love that your mother's heart shines in almost every post you write. I have a love for that.
I am thankful for my bloggy friends - you included.
Have a great Thanksgiving. Can't wait to read about it!
-Your Bloggy Friend, Pennie