Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little Firefighters

We have been so busy the past couple weeks (months, it ever not busy?) and I have so much to blog about and pictures to share but by the end of the day I am so drained and looking at a computer is not usually what I want to be doing.  Besides I have been having terrible headaches lately that have been impossible to get rid of.  I don't remember having them this bad with the other two.  I had a doctor appointment this week and my doctor gave me a prescription for Percocet but I am so weird about taking meds while pregnant so I haven't even filled it yet.  Anyone have any tips that might help?  On a good note the morning sickness is a million times better and I have actually been able to sleep! :)

Last weekend we went to the Fire Station for fire awareness week.  We went last year but Alexa wouldn't really do much and Braden was too little so it was a lot more fun this year.  Both kids got finger printed, cuffed and thrown in the back of a cop car. 
Okay not exactly, but they did get finger printed...

Have you even seen someone so happy to be doing this!?
I told them this had better be the last time this ever happens. :)

They also go to sit in a squad car, a helicopter and a fire truck.

I think the best part though was getting to use the fire hose, they both thought that was so cool. 

With Grandpa Dave!


Holly said...

Have you tried a chiropractor to help with the headaches? hope you can figure something out. God bless - Holly

Mama M. said...

Ugh. Pregnancy headaches are the worst!! And, I was the same way...totally not wanting to take anything for it...until the pregnancy when I had a 5 day migraine and became TOTALLY useless.

I took something then.

Only, it didn't help all that much!

Loved the firefighter photos!! Who's Grandpa Dave? Your's or Matt's?

Oh, and your Wordless Wednesday photos are to die for!! Did you take them?!

Fabulous photos...

Amy said...

:) That sounds so fun! I mean the firefighters, not the headaches. I have been notorious for having horrible crippling headaches my whole life. And when I was pregnant with my first, we seriously thought I was having someone cut my head in half. I went to doctor after doctor and nothing was ever found. My brother suggested I was hypoglycemic. I started following a hypoglycemia diet and the headaches went away. So, my advice to you; drink water. Make fish jealous with the amount of water you are ingesting. Stay away from sweets, hydrogenated oils, and white flours. (HFCS is a no brainer). I know finding food to eat when you are pregnant is hard, but following that strictly eliminated my headaches. Even now, when I get one I generally know it is from my diet. And they are few and far between now, whereas before they were daily (from as far back as I can remember until I began that diet).

And now that I wrote a novel and gave far more advice than you will ever want to hear :) You have such a cute family and I am glad to hear everything is going relatively well.

CM said...

Headaches, my suggestions: maybe you're dehydrated, drink more water, or did you cut out caffeine for the pregnancy? It could be that. Or are you getting enough protein? That's super important too. Oh, and like Holly said...the Chiropractor is a great idea. My DH is one and the adjustments are so helpful during all stages of pregnancy.

Yay for Stillwater PD! What a fun event. Just look how proud Grandpa Dave is!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that you feel better. Headaches are miserable. I go to the chiropractor when mine kick in badly.
Cute pictures...what a fun time for them. My kids still love visiting the fire department.

rachel said...

bummer about the headaches. :( have you tried acupuncture? i have found it very helpful.

darling pics as always!

Seizing My Day said...

Fun fire fighter/ safety day! We had those finger print things done years ago!... where are they??? hm...

sorry about the headaches!! more water and sleep... the second not so easy to come by with kids and your body feeling off... I fear Chiro... but I hear it is the way to go!! one day I need to brave that world!

Helga said...

The kids are getting so big!!! I love the photos and it looks like they had a great time :o)

Liz Mays said...

Your mini firefighters are too cute! You can tell they had a great time!

Bethany said...

Hey! Good to see you again. ;)

I love to see your posts and your kiddos. I love the way you are always finding stuff to do. Great pictures as always. You've got talent, lady!

I hope your headaches get better. I know what you mean about the meds. I didn't want to take the pain med they gave me with Bree. But it was take the med or not walk.... I'll be praying for your headaches and that little peanut to be protected from whatever meds you do take. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Your doc gave you PERCOCET? That seems really shocking to me. There are so many other things he could have prescribed, other than a narc. After working at a pharmacy 9 years, that just seems so shocking to me. :\ I'd be scared to take it, too! That's serious business. :(

Tylenol doesn't do it? I don't get headaches too often, but I did get them in the beginning (and now that I'm actually sick with sinus pressure headaches), and Tylenol pretty easily swept it away.

Lourie said...

Tylenol and a dark room. I actually did take Percocet with my son, but it was towards the end to take the edge off the Braxton Hicks' contractions. Ask the pharmacist his opinion, he knows more than the doctor about the meds you take. It's his job.

Cute Cute cute pictures! Looks like they got the VIP tour!