Sunday, February 8, 2009

Braden - 6 Months

This past Thursday I brought Braden in for his 6 month check-up (yes, all by myself for the very first time, can you believe it?) This is only because it was a very busy week at 3M and there was NO possible way for Matt to go in late or leave early. So I put on my bravest Mommy face and brought him in, it worked out well with Alexa being in school that day. Anyway things went great, besides the fact that we were sitting in our tiny little room for about 1 1/2 hours. I always try to make our appointments for as early as we can to avoid the waiting and back-ups which has always worked until this time. Braden did very well and waited oh so patiently, well for the first 45 minutes. After that we were getting very close to nap time and he was getting completely bored with the one toy I brought with. Our doctor finally came in and we once again had a happy baby while he played with him. Everything check out great, right on track developmentally and no problems. YAY, that's what every parent wants to hear, well that and "The nurse will be right back in to give the shots." Once again we were pacing the 10 foot long room back and forth for a good half hour, finally Braden stopped complaining and fell asleep on my shoulder....of course just in time for the nurse to actually come back in. Don't these people know who I am? Every second that passes I get more worked up about the shots, I debated on making another nurse come in and help hold Braden. When the time came I laid him on the table and actually held his little arms and buried my face in his neck. I know, amazing huh? What is more surprising is that he cried for about a whole 4 seconds and I think that was more because he got woken up than anything.

And here is where our little (BIG) boy falls on the growth charts:

Height - 27 inches (81 percentile)
Weight - 23 pounds 1 ounce (99 percentile)
Head Circ. - 18.25 inches (98 percentile)

Yup, he's a big boy....and gets cuter by the day too!


Anonymous said...

HE IS PERFECT! And gorgeous! And adorable. And handsome. And perfect!

If you ever want more info. on vaccinations... or more specifically, NOT vaccianting your child, I have about a 80 page document I have compiled with scientific research and testimonies that I can send you... all talking about the dangers of vaccinating. Some refer to it as 'death by lethal injection'. There ARE others ways to go...other ways to protect your children...


Many blessings to you and yours-

Uncle Phill said...

Head circumfrence? Really?