Monday, June 22, 2009


We had a little water party this weekend at our house which ended up being a little neighborhood kids party. It's like kids can smell the fun from miles away. We had a couple pools, buckets, sprinklers and a slip-n-slide...which became an immediate favorite for the kids. It was so much fun watching them all run around screaming having a great time. How could I have totally forgotten how much fun a slip-n-slide is? After watching all the little kids enjoying it so much I was tempted to run out and get a bigger one or one of those 3 lane ones or better yet one of those huge blow up ones like on The Girls Next know when they have that big party at the mansion.

Anyone one watch that show?


Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, here's a few of my favorite pictures from the pool party.

Our next door neighbor, Svea. One of Alexa's best friends.

Downfall to being potty trained...swimsuit up the butt.


Then things started getting a little crazy. Although Alexa loved it! And I won't bring up the fact that at this point the "pool" at the end of the slip-n-slide was broken due to the fact that a certain someone well over 40 pounds decided to take a turn...or five. :)

Braden stayed far away from all the big kids and hung out in one of the pools with Daddy. He had a blast splashing and crawling around in there.


dan and rachel said...

i've never seen The Girls Next Door but that part of your post was *really* funny!

glad alexa liked the slip n slide. my kids don't really "get it". i tried to demonstrate how it worked and nearly killed myself. serious bruises and everything! lesson learned.

Amanda said...

Hey... my boys have those same truncks Braden has on! Great minds....

Love that you guys have so much fun together as a family... its just wonderful!

God bless-