Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weddings & Trampolines

I know, I am so not being a good blogger these days. However I have better things to be doing and that's my excuse. Seriously though we have just been so busy. Now that spring is here and it's been so nice out we have just been going and playing and going some more. Besides it's almost summer and you know what that season! This past weekend we went to our first of many weddings planned out for this summer. It honestly feels like in the past 5 years we have been to about 478 weddings, who would have known we had so many friends!?! It was actually a really fun wedding and somewhat of a Stout reunion! And to top it off this was the first wedding in quite awhile where I wasn't pregnant or nursing a new baby so I actually got to sit and relax and have a few drinks with some old friends. The only downfall was we had to travel all the way across the state to Milwaukee, which was pretty boring but quality time with just Matt and I which is always fun. The kids got to spend the night at Gramma's house again, which Alexa is always SO excited about.

Anyway, since there was no way I was going to leave my babies for two nights in a row our Saturday started very early. We were up and going at about 5:30 trying to get everyone dressed and finished getting packed. Gramma came down to our house and picked up the kids and shortly after 8:00 we were all out of the house and on the road.

And while we were having a good time catching up with college friends...

Alexa was apparently hanging out with boys.

Seriously, who is that kid with his arms around my little girl???

Actually, he is the neighbor's grandson and he is such a cutie! And clearly has a little thing for my Alexa, wouldn't you say? And from what I hear they had lots of fun playing and jumping on the trampoline.

Matt...what do you think of this? :)

Anyway, she had fun hanging out with her friends. This little guy also has a twin sister and a little brother so there was lots of kids to run around with.

I hear Braden also had a good time, climbing and exploring around Gramma's house.
He's most likely trying to eat a magnet off the fridge here...

Of course I missed both of them TONS but with Braden still nursing and only being away from his two other times it was hard knowing that I was so far away from him. Seriously, 5 hours is a long way away! But he seemed to do well and now my mom knows why it's so impossible for me to get anything done during the day since he is an "attacher" and must be "attached" and in my was Gramma!

Thanks Gramma!


He And Me + 3 said...

Gotta love Grammas when we can't be there. We don't have a babysitter except my mom. Works out nice.
cute pictures.
Hope you had a nice time.

dan and rachel said...

sounds fun! i can relate to short stays. i am "still nursing" so the longest i've been away from my kids is something like 18 hours. oh well. they grow up so fast that i don't mind!

Bethany said...

The wedding sounds like fun! It's so nice you had a chance to get away. The pictures of the kids are fun too! It looks like Alexa didn't mind so much either. :) (My husband would be muttering about needing a bigger gun. :))