Sunday, June 28, 2009


I know we have been MIA for like a week. That's mostly because I have been sitting here....

My mom (aka Gramma) and I had a garage sale and I feel like I have spent way too much time preparing for that the past couple weeks. But thank goodness it is now over. We did okay considering we didn't even open for business on Saturday because the day started off rainy. It was nice to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Not so nice that we have lots of stuff left over to now pack back up and bring to the Goodwill. It was sad selling lots of Alexa's clothes and getting rid of some baby stuff....but not all of it, you know, :)

So since I have been so busy, what have my little children been up to these days?

Well, apparently Alexa has been reading up on wine. Which of course is essential for all two year olds these days.

Although she did help out lots for the garage sale also. She saved me lots of time by scribbling on every single little price tag we had. Such a helper I tell you, what would I do without her???

And Braden?

I guess he was busy learning how to walk along the ledge of our railing which I am sure is completely safe...well, safe enough for a second child anyway.

What a monkey!

Maybe now I can get back to normal life and watch my kids a little better, clean the house, do the laundry, cook healthy meals, showering, blogging, get back to Shreding...

Wait a minute, I guess after that last one garage sales don't sound so bad.


Amanda said...

You had one organized garage sale!!! It looks great! I might have to start beggin for Alexa'a hand me downs...she always looks so adorable!!

God bless-

He And Me + 3 said...

I agree....I would rather be making money than shredding. LOL
Cute pictures of the kids too. I love the help they give:)

Uncle Phill said...

How much for the giant water mug with the green straw?

Laura said...

Not for goes everywhere with me. :)

Uncle Phill said...

Lol, I know! Man is that old porceline lamp Moms? That thing is ancient! Glad you had a good weekend!

Katrina said...

I LOVE garage sales!!

Your children are absolutely adorable as always-- I love the pictures :)
Oh, and your daughter reading up on wine cracks me up haha!