Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday

There's a really cool park not too far from where we live that's called Teddy Bear Park. It has all kinds of cool things to crawl around in and big fun slides and a huge sand area and well you know...lots of BIG teddy bears! We love taking the kids here and since it was made for infants to about age 7 both Alexa and Braden enjoy it a lot. These pictures were from June 07 and Alexa was almost 8 months old. Gramma and Auntie Alaina took her for the very first time.

This is what Alexa did when you tried putting her in the grass until she was almost 1 1/2 years old. She did not like the feel of grass touching her! And this isn't even real grass at this park!

Gramma and Alexa

Alexa might not have liked grass but she loved playing in the sand...AND she didn't usually even try eating it (like someone else I know not that I would name any names Braden.) :)

We have gone a few times this year already but I haven't gotten any new pictures. It is a pretty popular place to say the least and during the day there are lots of moms and kids running around. So I have been busy trying to watch both kids going to different directions. Someday when we take Daddy with us we will be able to get some good pictures of them both having fun!


Amanda said...

Great pictures... I love that shot of Alexa on her toes in turf (grass!)... she is just a beauty!!

God bless!

Kathryn said...

That looks like such a funnny how baby's dont like the feeling of grass!! Oh!! And your mom!!! She is pretty! So young looking.. i would have thought she was your sister!!

Bethany said...

That park looks like so much fun. That picture of her in the grass made me smile!

dan and rachel said...

oh how cute!!!! my kids were also complete opposites about putting things in their mouths. jude used to put everything in his mouth and still sometimes does! indigo doesn't put things in her mouth which makes everything easier for me!!!