Thursday, June 4, 2009

Horrible Start To An Otherwise Great Day

It finally happened today. We were this close to having the local EMT at our house. Let me explain....

Braden is 9 months old so therefore is ALL over the place climbing around, obviously. So this morning I was standing at the counter literally watching him climb up the chair leg at the kitchen table. All of the sudden he slipped and it happened....the dreaded hitting the head on the chair leg thing. This is not the first time this has happened but none the less I ran over and grabbed him up. And he started BAWLING. I looked at his head and FREAKED.OUT!! I have never seen anything even close to what his poor little head looked like. There was instantly a HUGE black and blue bulge. I...was...freaking! Should I call 911? Should I call Matt? Should I start CPR? (Just kidding.)

So I dialed Matt's work hoping he would answer but knowing he usually doesn't (apparently something to do with "being busy...working.") Thank goodness he actually answered because my second instinct was to either actually call 911 or start running down the road screaming for a doctor (and come on seriously, I love where we live but we don't have those kind of people around us!) Anyway, I am trying to explain to Matt what happened while I calm Braden down and try to get Alexa who is at my feet wondering what the heck happened to give Mommy a little space. I'm not even kidding, here's Alexa jumping up and down right next to me yelling "It's flipping huge, it's flipping huge Daddy, oh my gosh, poor buddy, poor baby, it's flipping huge!" (Good thing I at least remembered to not actually swear in the heat of the moment!)

So Matt ended up getting on 3-way with a nurse at our doctor's office and she talked us through what to do and what to look for and all that stuff. Apparently....this has happened before. Horrible. You know the funny thing is she says "he may be tired from crying and all that so it's okay to let him sleep just do this and that blah blah blah" HA, silly nurse, what does she know. Soooo what do I do? Make sure to keep him awake for the next 4 hours of course, and it was not easy I might add.

Now that I look back on the whole thing there is a slight chance I may have overreacted (I know, so unlike me, right?) but it was so scary. Totally one of those moments a mom never wants to happen. But could you imagine if I had actually called 911...we would have had an ambulance, fire truck, cops, whoever else they send here for a (BIG) bump on the head. How happy would Matt be to get that bill? :) So anyway, the little guy cheered up and actually had a pretty good day. Although I hate to even bring him out in public until he heals because it still looks that bad. I tried getting a picture but it does no justice...besides this was like an hour later when the majority of the swelling had gone down.

After everyone had calmed down I grabbed Alexa and told her that I was sorry if I yelled at her but that I was just scared and she says to me "I was really scared too Mommy, poor Braden!" How sweet is this girl!?!

The rest of our day went SO much better. We met Gramma for lunch and then came home to take naps. When the kids got up we headed outside for some fun in the sun. It was beautiful out! Alexa and the neighbor girl played in the pool forever, they had a blast. There was also lots of chalk drawing, 4-wheeler riding, horse riding, lounging, running, screaming going on. Oh how I wish I was 2 again!

Braden recovered and I knew he was back to his normal self when he started eating grass. If it weren't for the "incident" earlier this morning the day would have been almost perfect.


Uncle Phill said...

Boy, he whacked it good, didn't he? Must have caught the corner, from the way that bruise looks. I'm sure it will be tender for a few days. And a LOT more colorful too.

Poor lil guy.

katster said...

poor baby!!! Caden had his first boo boo.. i left him on the couch while i was brushing the kids teeth. and i herd a thump and caden started crying.. i ren out and he was on his stomack on the wood looked like he was convulsing whe ni picked him up (he wasnt but just looked like it).. Well later i noticed the inside of his top lip was Black! i thought maybe the kids gave him something but then i noticed it was a bruise! very bad one! he must have landed on his face with the pacifier in his mouth.. (reminder: dont leave baby on couch unsupervised)lol.. the pictures of alexa is stinkin cute!! Shes such a little diva!! i love it!! ps: dont forget to enter in my contests that i will be holding over the next few months!! one contest will be giving away a TUTU later on this month and i think alexa needs a tutu!!lol

Bethany said...

Poor Baby! I hate those bruises. Alexa is going to be a great mom someday. So glad the rest of your day went better.

He And Me + 3 said...

Poor guy. That totally happened to Actress too...but it kept growing so we had to take her to the ER. She was fine, but it stretched so bad she now has a huge scar on her forhead. Strange it never split open just grew so big it left a scar.
Glad he is eating grass and back to normal. LOL
STop by today I am having a giveaway.
Cute pictures too.

dan and rachel said...

alexa looks like a little hollywood star! great pics!

poor braden! there have been a few times when i freaked out, too. like when my 7 week old indigo rolled off a chair straight onto the floor. who would expect a 7 week old to roll over?! so glad he's ok!

oh and alexa is sooo sweet that she said "poor braden". aw!

Amanda said...

I am SOOOOOO sorry... how scary for you! What a relief that little man is ok and big sis is ok and everyone is back to having fun in the sun...

Many blessings!