Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365: Days 8-12

Day 8 - Date night!

Day 9 - The boy loves his boots.

Day 10 - Dinner.  (This Mama is losing energy and ambition these days.)

Day 11 - Lunch after my doctor appt. 

Day 12 - What's better than new shoes?  New shoes found on clearance!


CM said...

Awww, what a cute couple!

Ha, diapers and boots. Save that one for when he's sixteen!

Hope all is going well and you're feeling ok.

Bethany said...

LOVE the shoe pics. Especially Braden's boots. Oh, my gosh. So so funny.

You two are so cute. Did you get a date night?

Has Baby B #3 turned yet? Tell him/her to hurry up and get head down so I can meet him/her. I'm can't wait to find out the gender and name. :)

Katrina said...

Great captures! :)

Braden in his diaper and boots is just too funny! Aidyn does the same thing and it always cracks me up.

Tina Fisher said...

I'm going to guess those last covered up piggy toes belong to Braden?

Yum! I'm now hungry for pizza followed by a shake!! :)

Cute photo of you two? On the way to the game?

This fun isn't it?

He & Me + 3 said...

Look at those cute feet. So sweet. Love all your pictures. That mcdonalds drink looks refreshing. Sorry I haven't been around dreadfully busy. But I hope you are doing well.

Seizing My Day said...

Isn't it fun to find something to capture every day?!! I love the picture of you and your hubby... and mr. boots and diaper... too cute! =) how many days?? =) you are counting days now, right?!

Pennie said...

i remembered you were doing this 365 project, like jenn at seizing my day!
i couldn't wait to check out this weeks' photos...very cute!
Your date night photo is cute! It's no fair that you look so great this far along...seriously! ;)

blueviolet said...

You are too cute, and your week was fun based on what I see here!