Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 365: Day 2

This is where I spent an hour and a half this afternoon, apparently the baby business is hopping these days. Might as well get used to it since I'll be there lots this last month.
Last month.
I can't believe we're just over a month away! 

I told my doctor that I had a feeling the baby was still breech so we walked down to one of the ultrasound rooms to take a peek.  Sure enough, there was a little head up in my ribs.  I know there is still plenty of time for the baby to flip but I really don't like cutting it close.  This is something that I would like to have done sooner rather than later.  You hear that little Baby Bignell??

Has anyone else had a stubborn little one?  Any tricks that worked?
My doctor gave me a few ideas and I have been looking up some stuff too so I am hoping we get him/her flipped around before my next appointment otherwise my doc said he would try.  (Which I have heard isn't that pleasant.)  But honestly I don't care, I'll let him try.  I'm willing to try just about anything!  I would be so bummed if we had to have a c-section on the third one.  The surgery and recovery itself doesn't bother me much but the thought of not being the first one to hold my baby makes me really sad.
So operation get baby flipped is on!


Kelly said...

Chase was breech, he was born c-section. The doctor tried to flip him, but it was very painful. Good Luck!

Lourie said...

Little Middle came 4 weeks early with the cord wrapped around her neck. That was scary. But breech...nope. I hope Baby B turns around.

Mama M. said...

Flip baby, Flip!!

About the flipping...usually, if it's gonna work, it's not painful. You've got a uterus that's been stretched before, so that's in your favor, too! Just don't let it go too long...big babies don't flip easily!

Try ice to the baby's head. And, do a lot of "hips higher than head" positions. Comfy, I know, huh?! ;)

Good luck!

Bethany said...

Have you googled it yet? (HA!- I know we're peas in a pod on that one!) Try the site "Spinning Babies" and see if you can find anything there. Mama M's advice is what I tried. You'd think she was a labor nurse or something! :) It sounds weird and I'm not sure how comfy with all you've got going on, but sitting cowboy style in chairs (chair turned around leaning onto the back) helped some too. Something about getting the heavier parts of baby moving by gravity.
Come on Baby B - turn!!!!

CM said...

Oh dear. Saying a prayer that the little bundle does a 180.

"Go, go to the light!" ;-)

And yes, I remember all those HOURS waiting in the room for each check up...ugh.

Jen said...

Pray hard....hopefully that little will get moving soon!
Good luck.
Im thinking about project 365 too...just afraid I may be too much of a slacker to make the commitment!

Tyler said...

Sorry to hear that girl.. hoping that Baby Bignell will flip very soon!! Keep us posted.

Tyler said...

Sorry to hear that girl.. hoping that Baby Bignell will flip very soon!! Keep us posted.

Michelle said...

Finn was breech too. He finally flipped last minute, but at that point he was GIANT so I had a c-section too. Here are some things for you to try... hang out on your hands and knees (watch tv or something to keep occupied) or try swimming. Both of those put the baby in a freer position to turn. The swimming worked for us.

My step-mom is a L&D nurse and tells me that external versions (we were considering it too) can be extremely painful and more often than not don't work so think about it before you try.

Best of luck for a flipped baby!!

Tina Fisher said...

Ahh....flip baby B.

I really do hope it works!

I guess the only good thing from that is that you will probably be scheduled???

Anonymous said...

I hope, for your sake, baby flips! Of course, Ethan was breech and I chose the c-section...mostly because I heard the version WAS very painful, and not only that, but if it didn't work, boo...if it DID work, he could always flip BACK...and I didn't want to risk him still being breech in the end and needing an EMERGENCY section. It's good you're not bothered much by the surgery/recovery part. I wasn't worried about it, and I really didn't even think about me not being the first to hold Ethan. Jarrod was, then my mom, then me. It didn't bother me, though. They held him right at my face so I could touch him, and before leaving the OR, the doctor placed him in my arms, and they pushed us back to recovery where I continued to hold him for hours. :) So, I didn't mind it. But again...I hope he/she flips!

Seizing My Day said...

c-sections are that bad... I had to have both my babies that way... my daughter was head down... she just wouldn't move down... she floated!! ;) *ugh*

Try all the tricks and pray!! =)

carma said...

I hope your little one flips with plenty of time to spare.
Also hope you had lots of good reading material during that insanely long wait :-(

Sonya said...

you know all about my craziness with Colton. I sure hope that baby B flips for you. I tried so many things and little man was just stuck in that one position. I felt so bad for him, especially since he wasn't able to move or stretch his legs much. :(

The external version is definitly not pleasant, however I would give it a go. I knew that I had to even though I was scared because I would always wonder if he would have turned if we would have tried.