Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 365: Days 20-26

Day 20 - Stories with Daddy before bed. <3

Day 21 - I'm surprised there's any room for Alexa in her bed some nights.  She has to have all her "stuff" in there with her.

Day 22 - Drawing Bob and Larry. (from VeggieTales)

Day 23 - After most of the snow had melted in our yard we got a fresh new batch.  Happens every Spring.  So ready for this stuff to be gone!

Day 24 - Time for a haircut! (Before)

Day 25 - Girls shopping day with Alexa and my mom.

Day 26 - A friend and I went and got pedicures today.  The last important detail before having a baby. :)


Tina Fisher said...

Love the pictures! Our kids' beds look the same! Even some of the same things! :)

Cute piggies!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Love the pedi! I did the same thing before giving birth too!

Bethany said...

Cute pedi! Love the little flowers. I never did do that. I didn't really want anyone touching more swollen toes.

I about died laughing when I saw Alexa. She sleep sideways on her bed too!!! What do you do to those kids.

I can't wait to see you and Amanda's babies. Send some new baby scent down this way will ya?

Mike and Katie said...

Are you planning to use those cute little flowers as your focus point? Too funny!

Helga said...

Love the toes, I had to make sure mine were done too before giving birth :)

Alexa has a whole lotta stuff in that bed lol!!

Pennie said...

Beautiful toes, Laura! I'll be checking back often to see if we have any news! Been thinking of you!

carma said...

that bed picture totally cracks me up- Alexa's head looks so tiny amidst all that stuff;

your toes look fabulous!

He & Me + 3 said...

Yep...must have that last minute pedi. Love those. I am so sick of the snow too. I had ice crystals on my windows again today. I am over the cold...ready for the summer.
Love the bedtime stories with Dad picture. Sweet.
Yeah for shopping fun!

CM said...

Now that is the most adorable pedi I've ever seen...way cute!

So where's Braden's "after" pic?

Both my boys pile their things up high all around them in bed too. Nice to know that's a normal kid thing to do.

Jen said...

Now that your toes are are ready!

Pennie said...

Checking back again...maybe today's the day?