Monday, July 6, 2009

Soaking Wet

Since the nice three day weekend wasn't quite enough for Matt, he decided to take today off as well so we could hang out, just the four of us. We decided to visit the MN Zoo. We were lucky enough to sleep in until 6:30am, ate breakfast and got ready to go. We were on the road before 8:30...we thought it would be best to get there right away and avoid some of the people and heat.

We figured we would travel around the outside trails first since it was suppose to get hot later in the day. We also made it out to the barns to see the farm animals. Alexa knew immediately once she saw the goats that she just had to feed them. So we did...

We also saw lots of cows which Alexa was excited about. Last time she was scared to death of the cows so it was nice she got over that. I'm pretty sure last year was the first time she had seen a cow up close and I think she was not expecting them to be so big. Anyway, fear of cows is gone! Can you tell from this picture? :)

I think the best part of the whole day was feeding the giraffes. I'm not sure who liked it more, Matt or Alexa. Matt definitely talked about it longer! :) It was pretty cool and it was weird seeing them and their really long tongues up so close, it was crazy!

A little later in the day we were starting to get hot and sticky from walking around so much so it was perfect timing when we made it to the little splash water area. We quick ate some lunch and changed Alexa and she was off playing in the water. Even Matt and I went in and got a little was a blast!

And I'm pretty sure she succeeded in getting cooled off! I think we were there for over an hour before we finally talked her into getting changed and going to finish seeing the other animals!

It was a perfect ending to an extra long weekend. Both kids were completely passed out before we even left the parking lot. We will for sure being going back lots now that we got our new zoo membership.


Katrina said...

You have such a beautiful family! I love the pictures-- giraffes are my favorite. I really need to look into the closest zoo around us! :)

dan and rachel said...

love the family picture! so beautiful! how awesome that you could feed the giraffes and i LOVED alexa's face when she saw the cows! A.DOR.ABLE.

boy, am i enjoying this WI weather! dan got off the plane in TX on Sunday and it was 103!!!! glad you guys are enjoying it, too!

Roz said...

We did the same things this past weekend...but when it was sprinkling! We still made it to the giraffes and the boys were able to feed them - how neat! Alexa and Braeden are too cute! I have been too lazy to post a blog regarding our zoo trip - will try and do that today! Thanks for sharing!