Monday, July 20, 2009

Lovin the Farm Animals

UPDATE: I remember what we did Saturday. :) We went to my Grandpa and Grandma's (Papa & Nana) house and hung out while Matt and my Grandpa change the brakes in our car. What a huge money saver for us to have the help to do it ourselves! Thank you Papa! :) (See, sometimes I just need a few hours to think about things then I will remember...most times.) :)

Don't you just love when you have a weekend that isn't packed full? Most of our summer weekends are really busy around here so when we get a weekend that we don't need to be running around, it's nice! Although it also feels weird and like we didn't get much done, but whatever...I can get over that! :)

Friday the kids and I met a friend and her boys at the MN Zoo. It was COLD! I can't believe that in the middle of summer the high was like 62 degrees, that's just crazy. We thought about switching up plans and heading to the Mall Of America instead but then we thought - maybe since it's cold and cloudy that there won't be that many people there. Yeah right. Wrong! I think everyone else must have thought the same thing. It wasn't too bad but still pretty busy. We ended up spending the entire day there. We left about 8:30 and didn't get home until 4:00. It was great! Alexa just loves that place and Braden could sit and watch kids run around forever, so it works out pretty well! :)

We had to of course walk out to the farm area of the zoo because Alexa loves to feed the goats and see the cows and pigs. Who's child is she? She definitely doesn't get that from ME! :) This time Braden was also pretty fascinated. He kept putting his finger out for the goats to lick. Of course he didn't have any food so I was a little worried he might get bit but they are pretty gentle.

He was also lovin the cows. And those cows they have there are HUGE. However I think he would have climbed right over the wall and jumped on them if he could. No fear I tell you, no fear!

Every time we go Alexa has to put her head in this thing, isn't she just cute!?

Saturday, I honestly can't even remember what we did and I totally blame this on pregnancy. Before I ever had kids I could remember things, not so much anymore. I do remember we cleaned out our garage and packed up everything that was left over from our garage sale, like almost a month ago! About time, huh? :) We also spent lots of time playing outside since it was halfway decent out after a couple days of cold, icky weather.

Sunday we ran some errands and hung out at home. Then we went to my brother and SIL's house for a little going away get together for my stepsister who is going away to boot camp on Tuesday. How horrible is this but I can't even remember what branch she enlisted in but she will be gone until Christmas. She is a little nervous about going and thinks she's going to be the oldest person there. (She's not even 35) We know she will be great though and we will be writing her lots.

Can you believe that's all the pictures I had from the weekend? Not much. Which is SO unlike me! :) Speaking pictures and cameras...if you are reading this and have a SLR digital camera would you please tell me about it? What kind? Do you like it? Any recommendations of camera to get? Matt and I have been looking around for a few months now and it's a lot harder than we thought. There are so many options and cameras out there, it's crazy. And when you're going to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars it would be nice to know you're going to get something you like. The money part is actually what has been kind of holding up back from running out and just buying one but we really do hope to soon. I just love pictures and photography but there is just not much you can do with a point and shoot. So anyways ANY input on the subject would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)


Bethany said...

Your weekend looks busy to me. :) I love the pictures from the zoo. Is that one of the better ones? Ours (Indianapolis) is okay, but not great.

I can't wait to hear what SLR you decide to buy. I'm wanting to get one too. It's amazing the deals I have found on Craig's List for them. I just can't decide what I want and the money thing. Yikes!

He & Me + 3 said...

I just told you about my nikon d90 but the nikon d5000 is an awesome cheaper camera that has alot of the same features. I wish it would have been out when I bought my D90 just because I would have saved a little money. :) Both great cameras.

dan and rachel said...

we have a canon rebel EOS and we LOVE it!!!! i didn't think i needed such a "fancy" camera, but i gotta admit, i'm a convert.