Monday, July 20, 2009

All Things Girly

Don't forget to go HERE and share all your wisdom on digital cameras with me...please! :)

Last week we spent almost every minute we could handle, away from home. We were quite busy visiting the Giggle Factory, MN Zoo, a couple new parks (which were totally awesome!) and even spent most of one whole day running errands and grocery shopping. I honestly love it like that, the busier the better...I'm not one to really sit around our house, and really the kids aren't either. So after trying to rack my sleepy head last night for something to do today I came up with nothing, but I figured we would figure something out. So this morning when Braden was down for his nap Alexa and I decided we were not going to get in the car at all for the entire day.

We started with manicures and pedicures. I did my toes this weekend and Alexa was simply dying to have hers painted too. So I gave her a little pampering! Here she is with her newly painted finger and toenails. She was very excited, can you tell? :) She always has her toes painted but we don't do her fingers all that often so when we do she loves it. Everything she did throughout the day she did with her hands kind of tilted towards her so she could she her pretty pink nails. :)

Can I tell you how much fun it is to have a girly girl who loves doing girly things with me!? She is only TWO and I already have a blast doing "girl stuff" with her. She is always up for some hair and wardrobe makeovers. If she's this fun now I can't wait until she's a teenager! Matt might need a second job to keep up with our shopping and pampering! :)

After Braden woke up we decided to pack up the stroller and head into town. First stop: the local library. Which to be completely honest is nothing to brag about, but we like it has (some) books! Alexa had fun picking out her books for the week and wanted to read them all before we left...maybe to make sure they were worthy of coming home with us? I don't know! :)

Braden immediately found the toy area and dug right in. It didn't take too long though for him to realize how fun it would be to walk along the book shelves and pull books out and throw them on the floor. Time to leave kids!

On the way back home we found a new park we had never been to, which was pretty cool. Alexa was in was fun! Only swings, which is Braden's favorite. Besides it keeps him entertained and away from eating rocks. Oh well.

Even without leaving our little town it must have been a successful day because Alexa totally passed out on the couch while I was nursing Braden. This NEVER happens, that girl is like the Energizer Bunny so I was shocked!


Erin said...

ahh looks like so much fun! I cant believe braden is standing already!!! So big now! I know i have not been on...i have been helping wit hmy grandmas move and have been hanging out with family.. and my mom got me hooked on this game called farm addicting... how has the weather been out there? it has been like 110.. so hot.. thank goodness my mom has a pool..

Amanda said...

What a fun looking park!!! We'll have to go sometime.

I have a Canon Digital Rebel XLR. I do love it. I found it online the cheapest, but wanted to go and buy it at a store. I found it for $499.99 at Best Buy, but then found out that *in store* they sell it for $599.99. So I brought in a print out from their website and they gave me their online price.

Whatever you do, just make sure you do your homework!! Just enter 'best digital for amateur' in google. I mean. Not that you are an amateur!

Check out Pioneer Womans camera... I think she is a Canon girl too.

Good luck!

God bless-

He & Me + 3 said...

I love my Nikon D90. It is a little pricey, but it takes pictures so smooth. I love it!
Cute post. I love the pedicures. So cute. I hear ya on the shopping thing. I have two girls and we get lost in the mall. Justice is our store of choice right now. We can spend hours and tons of money in there.
Sounds like a fun free day:)