Monday, May 2, 2011

A Real Life Princess

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate will definitely be one of those 'I remember where I was' moments.  Although we didn't get up at 4am, we were up in time to see the end of the wedding (and then watched all the reruns throughout the day.)  Alexa was completely infatuated with the whole thing.  She kept asking me if Kate was a real life princess and if this was really happening or if it was just a movie.  As a 4 year old who is very into her princess movies, it took a little bit for her to understand that this was a real prince and princess getting married...but once she did, she was hooked.  The only time she pulled herself away from the TV was to run to her room and put her dress and "veil" on.  Adorable.

Day 60

The rest of the day was spent being royalty around our house.  Alexa made Braden be her prince and I must say, she was kind of a bossy princess.  At one point I heard her telling him, "I'm sorry but that's how it goes when you're married." 
He's such a good sport. :)

I'm glad I can say that I watched the Royal Wedding with my girls...and Braden. :)


Uncle Phill said...

Poor, Braden. =\

Jen said...

Oh Laura, your new baby is beautiful!!! Congrats! Alexa is SO lucky to have a little sister! My "little one" is 9 and was so excited to watch too...we cheated and set the DVR!

Bethany said...

Tyler was even captivated...although I think it had more to do with the armor. :)
She is such a doll baby. I love the veil. It is so very four.

Mama M. said...

Is it strange that this made me teary eyed? Your Alexa is such a sweet little thing, and her putting on her princess dress was just too much for my maternal emotions! What a love!

And, what a story...Kate, living out every little girl's dream. And Will makes quite the charming prince, doesn't he?!

Kami said...

This is so precious! We haven't yet watched the wedding, as we have it on DVR, but Claire's schedule is so busy that we haven't had time! Soon ... I hope!

Your kids are so beautiful! Missing you!

Adventures of Squirrel and Bug said...

Cute, cute, cute! That is the exact reason why I was wishing Emma was a little older (just for this) because she would have loved envisioning a real life princess getting married! I would love for her to think...maybe I would be that princess one day :) Alexa looked just a beautiful as Kate with her princess dress and veil! :)

Sonya said...

those pictures are SOOOOOO precious!!!