Friday, February 4, 2011

Potty Training Update

The post that could also be titled...

"Becaaaaaaause, I don't want to."


"Never, ever!"

or maybe even

"I like big boy diapers."

Because these are all the things we hear when we try to have the potty talk with Braden. {sigh}

Seriously, the boy has zero desire.  And really as of right now I don't care all that much.  It is getting harder for me to constantly be up and down with him and with the baby coming soon I don't really want to get good progress just to have him revert anyway.  Buuuuut, it would be nice to see some kind of interest.  Just a teeny tiny little bit even. 
O-well, it will happen someday.  I think we were spoiled with Alexa who was a piece of cake to potty train.  She pretty much did all the work herself, we never really had to deal with accidents at all and she was completely done before she was two.  Because of that sometimes that makes it harder to remember that every kid is different, that's not really normal when potty training and he is only two. 
As long as he's going in time for Kindergarten, right!? :)

Even though he won't actually go on his little chair, he does love to sit on it...especially if he has some good reading material. 
Such a guy. :)


Amy O'Connor said...

I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble with getting Braden to use his potty. :( I don't know how I got so lucky this time around. Maybe the fact that I never even mentioned the potty until she did show interest. I just bought it, sat it in the bathroom and told her what it was. Before long she was going #2 (I would ask if she needed to go if she had the "face") then after a few weeks she started going pee-pee also. One day she refused to put a diaper back on and hasn't wore one since. Just hang in there, Mom! He'll go when he's ready!

Katrina said...

Aidyn was the exact same. He let me know when he was ready and wouldn't go on the potty a second before then haha. Stubborn boys. :)

Amy said...

That is so funny! the picture, I mean, not the potty training itself. I really hate potty training. So not fun. At any rate, I had much the same problem as you are having. He didn't want to grow up. He didn't want to wear big boy undies. He only wanted his diapers. Finally, Keith was playing at his friend's house, and saw his friend peeing standing up. He was hooked. I was trying to train him sitting down. Evidently, he loved the concept of standing. I hope that helps. And if not, good luck with your patience as you wait for him to be ready.

3LittleMonkeys said...

Love the picture! We went through the same thing with our middle son. He had no interest for a long time and he still has lots of accidents at 3 1/2. Our oldest was a piece of cake....but what fun would motherhood be without a good challenge!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness adorable picture!!! Caleb was a little over 3 when he potty trained! I was preggo with Erika when I "should" have started with him so I didn't. It was a breeze when he did potty train though. I think boys do take longer, but it definitely helps if they are a little older when you start! I know I could have done it...but that's the thing, it would have really been me being trained to remember to put him on the potty! :) Hope to see you soon!!!!

Helga said...

Braden is so cute!!! I tried to push Kobe and he just wasn't ready until he was ready....that was right before his 3rd birthday. He was the oldest out of all the boys to potty train but he was a breeze! He was ready when he quit using diapers and I haven't really had any problems other than the fact that he does NOT like to poopy in the potty :( I dunno why but he tells me he is scared to and no matter how much I try to bribe him it doesn't work :(

Bethany said...

You are doing the smart thing! I pushed one of mine and waited two years for night training. It was awful! Remember it's only a few more months until he'll be ready. :) Good luck with that. And he's going to hate that picture....but I love it!
BTW, Hope decided she was ready when she wanted to be "big" not "little" like Bree any more.

Jen said...

Wow...Laura, so fun "catching up" on here, your kids are getting so big and are cute as can happy to see the "baby" growing too!

Pennie said...

My son was the easiest to train...Cheerios in the toilet and having him "divebomb" them was the best game in the world (until I caught him and his friend "divebombing" pieces of paper in the wastebasket NEXT to the toilet...that wasn't so fun...). But BRIDGETTE - my second - wasn't so fun to train. She took her goodnatured time. We had her trained at two, but then we were temporary housing when we moved into a house and she regressed. Ugh! She was three then. It was SO FRUSTRATING!!!! So, I feel your frustration. But, like you said - it comes sooner or later...she was fine - she got it in time.
She's almost 14 now. She's been going potty fine for a long time. lol. Never in her pants...not for a while, anyhow. (She'd die if she knew I made that joke, btw.)

Seizing My Day said...

Sammy was not interested until he was 3 and a 1/2!!! talk about painful!! =) Just encourage but don't push... he will do great when he is ready!!! Love the little potty pic!! with reading material!! haha!