Friday, August 27, 2010

What's On My Mind

I haven't blogged in forever and for some reason I have a lot to say tonight so if you don't make it through this whole thing I totally understand and will tell you here to have a wonderful weekend!!  If you do make it to the end, bless your heart. :)

This week we have had a couple chilly days.  Chilly as in waking up to temps in the low 50s and not getting above low 70s.  Although it was wonderful to have a little break from the heat and humidity and to be able to break out the jeans it's sad to think that Summer will start fading away soon.  I love having lots of beach and pool days and being able to get up and head to the park or zoo for the day and honestly, I don't know how I am going to entertain my children come winter.  They have gotten used to being on the go this Summer.  Time to scope out the indoor play stuff.

I keep saying that once Summer is over things will start calming down and everyone won't be so crazy but really as I have been making phone calls and setting up schedules I am realizing that the crazy is just starting.

We had planned on putting Alexa in the same Preschool that she was in last year again this year however to make a long story short, funding fell through somewhere and they won't be open this year.  After Matt and I thought about it and weighed our options we decided that instead of finding a different school in a different town that we would just keep her home this year.  Yes people, this means I am going to be homeschooling.  I bought some stuff and started planning out what we would work on and started a little bit this past week.  Well, come to find out I'm already boring her to death.  I bought Preschool and Pre-K stuff and a lot of that is working on writing and simple shapes and sounds which she can already do.  So I have no idea what I am going to do.  I think one of the main things I want to work on with her is starting reading.  Anyone know how to do that? :)  (I don't think I am cut out for this teaching stuff!)

Since she isn't going to be going to school we wanted to keep her involved in other things so she is starting up swimming lessons again in a couple weeks and instead of doing classes every other month I think I might keep her in every month.  She loves swimming and since we won't be outside doing it I think she will like that.  I also found a gymnastics program for her that I think she will really like that runs for about 3 months in the Fall and 3 months in the Spring.  I also wanted to get her into soccer but I think we might wait on that one.

Last year we joined a MOPS group but due to Alexa in school we just couldn't make it very often.  This year I really hope we can get back into it, it's such a great group!  I am also going to be back in Bible Study after taking the Summer off.  I am excited to be getting back into these groups, I think it will be good for me and the kids.

The MN State Fair started yesterday and I can't wait to go!  A friend of mine put something about having traditions with her kids on Facebook (while at the fair) and I couldn't agree more.  I love traditions even if it's a silly one like going to the State Fair every year.  Besides the kids are at such a fun age to do that kind of stuff with.

I have been in a major organization kick lately.  I am trying to go though cupboards and closets and TOYS!  The toys around this house is driving me crazy, probably because they always seem to be laying around everywhere.  Every time I get them all cleaned up I have the one toy out at a time discussion with the kids.  Clearly it's not working.  I have been trying to throw out all the broken and little junk toys and went through and got all the baby toys out and bagged up, it's still too much though.  I need a some TLC show to come and help me...or just a bigger house. :)

Okay, I'm sure I could go on and on but I won't bore you to death.
If anyone has any suggestions on the whole homeschooling thing I would really appreciate it!!
Or if anyone wants to come organize toys you are most definitely welcome to. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Carrie said...

You are too funny! I think you just explained my house in a nut shell! All except for the homeschooling thing. I have anxiety about Grant growing up and starting Kindergarten and Audrey will be doing an 8 week long 2 year old Preschool through Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Does your school district have anything like ECFE (Community Ed) that you could get Alexa into? The biggest thing is socialization when it comes to preschool. Sounds like she will get plenty of that in swimming, gymnastics, etc. You'll do just fine with homeschooling.
When you get done sorting through and chucking all of your junk toys you should really come to my house and do that for me! We need a clean out day in a BAD way. Maybe tomorrow we'll tackle that!
Have a great weekend!

He & Me + 3 said...

Sorry that the funding fell through. The letter factory videos are really a fun way for them to learn their sounds and to start blending words. I used that as a supplement for Stunt Man when we were learning our sounds and doing pre reading activities.
He loved them.
Enjoy the fair. I need to take my kids to one some day.

Tyler said...

When I was a nanny we did the Hooked on Phonics curriculum with the little girl. We did the K. version.. she was was reading sight words and short books by the time it was over. IT also had other books in there as well. It really teaches about putting the letters together, alot of repitition.. worked great for her. Also hear Abeka stuff is wonderful (pricey..but wonderful) Good luck

Sonya said...

can't help on the homeschooling thing but I bet someone has good info. You have had a very busy summer! I wish we lived close to the beach, that sounds like so much fun!

We keep Lauren's toys in a toybox and plastic tubs. A bunch of them are in the basement and only enough to fit in her toy box are upstairs and we rotate them out. That is the only way we have found to keep down on the clutter and my husband's OCD about keeping the living room clean. :)

Bethany said...

If you figure out how to keep the toys picked up I want a detailed post. Maybe a phone consultation, okay?

For reading I love Sing, Spell, Read and Write. The readers are okay, not great, but the program is so much fun. They sing, play games, have worksheets, a treasure chest. Becca taught herself to read at four sitting beside Tyler and I while I was teaching him. It's kind of pricey new, but you can find good deals on ebay.

I hope MOPS and the Bible study are wonderful for you. It's so important to have that mom time. Hugs!

Bethany said...

If you figure out how to keep the toys picked up I want a detailed post. Maybe a phone consultation, okay?

For reading I love Sing, Spell, Read and Write. The readers are okay, not great, but the program is so much fun. They sing, play games, have worksheets, a treasure chest. Becca taught herself to read at four sitting beside Tyler and I while I was teaching him. It's kind of pricey new, but you can find good deals on ebay.

I hope MOPS and the Bible study are wonderful for you. It's so important to have that mom time. Hugs!

Tina Fisher said...

I am with the others....if you find out how to keep toys cleaned up and one at a time...let me know. :) I could use a lesson!

I think you are doing a great job on homeschooling (cuase really, you already are) Alexa....she's a wonderful girl! I bet she'll be reading in no time at all!

Have fun in Mops and your Bible study! You are so right...Fall is shaping up to be busy already!

Lotsa Love,


Amy said...

Oh wow, you are my hero! I wish I could do half that fun stuff with my kids. And the home schooling? Amazing! There are a few websites that I love that have a lot of teaching tools on them. One is which helps with learning the alphabet, and then reading. I just learned about which has a lot of printable papers, don't know if that is what you are looking for, and then my friend does a Time for Tots thing on her blog once a week with great teaching activities. Her blog is Click on the Time for Tots tab on the top of her page and you will be loaded with a plethora of fun ideas. Good luck!

Shay said...

hooray for homeschooling! (i think!) Keep us updated on how it goes, im really interested in doing it with my kiddos but im not sure i can...

Pennie said...

Do you go to River Falls MOPS? If so, I spoke there last May!!!

If you ever are looking for a Wednesday morning Bible study, you let me know - we'd love to have you at SAMmy's...I'm sure we have women from out your way! I would LOVE to send you an invitation...

I was reading your post...and I know what you mean about thinking that things will slow down once summer ends and then looking at the planner and ????!!!!! Surprise!

3LittleMonkeys said...

I know what you mean about summer coming to an end. I am dreading winter. Not that I hate the cold, but I hate being stuck inside with the kids all day long. They get so bored!

I have not homeschooled so I can't help you there!

I wish I lived on your street, then we could organize toys together! I need to do the same thing but the task seems so daunting!

Lourie said...

My friend does some marvelous things with her kids and she posts it to her blog. If want her blog address let me know.

Stephanie said...

I love the organizing thing!!!! - I can't get enough of it :) however I haven't had much time to do it lately.

As far as homeschooling - you are a bigger woman than I am! I don't think I could ever do that. Can't wait to hear what you figure out though - I know you will do a great job!

Oh and I made it to the end - I should get brownie points :)

Mike and Katie said...

We love the sign language videos and songs by SmartHandsCA. It adds kinethetic input into learning to read. Just to super short book type actvities, like five minutes and reward her for sitting through them. Start and end with songs and prayers and some stretching and twirling. Call it all school and act super excited about it. Teach her chores in a fun schooly type of way. Today we're going to learn how to mopthe floor, wash potatoes, fold wash cloths!!!

You've been homeschooling all summer. Find fun ways to learn and explore the world together. Do the work books with her and you'll see how boring they are and decide to go make cookies. :)

dan and rachel said...

wow - homeschooling! how fun! can't wait to follow your adventures!

Jolene said...

Sounds like your fall is shaping up nicely. Hope you can squeeze us in there sometime. ;)

I am also homeschooling Allie for preschool and am soooo excited about it. I do have my fears of boredom. We are doing it with Sarah and Erika, so it should be ok. Exciting for sure!

Traditions are so important and living them out is so memorable!

Enjoy! Miss you.

carma said...

you'll be a great teacher!! Plus Alexa already seems very smart for her age. It will be a breeze (says me!)

enjoy the Fair

I still find myself picking up stuff and my kids 14 so probably best I don't offer any advice on that topic. Juggling props scattered about the house are a common sight...

One Man said...

It was good to see you and Matt at the Fair. We definately need to be in the schedule sometime soon.

One thing Jo does to help organize the toy room is to sort out the toys in to different bins. We have one for dress up clothes, another for cars etc. The kids take out one bin at a time (usually) and, since the toys aren't all out, they don't all get played with constantly. That way they don't get bored with their toys either.