Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look Who's 2!

Last Friday was Braden's birthday. 
He is officially our little two year old...a cute one at that! :)

He woke up to balloons all over his floor from the Balloon Fairy.  This is definitely one of my favorite birthday traditions, seeing the look of excitement on their faces is priceless.  We woke up to hearing him on the monitor, "Mommy, mommy...bawoons allll over down der, mommy, mommy wow!"

The kids spent most of the morning playing around in entertainment, maybe we should do it more often! :)

Since his actual party wasn't until Sunday we couldn't just not do anything for his real birthday so that night my parents, bother, sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner, cake and a couple presents.  I think he liked all the attention!

I think he liked his ice cream cake too! :)

We also had his 2 year check-up this past Tuesday. 
The doctor said he speaks very well, is a super happy little guy and overall looks like everything is great.

Weight: 32 pounds (92 percentile)
Height: 2' 10.5" (53 percentile)
Head circumference: 20.51" (99 percentile)

We ended the appointment with a couple shots (thankfully the last ones until Kindergarten!)
I can't remember if he has ever cried at shots, maybe his very first appointment but he was always the one that just got really mad and then it was over.  This time he did, I heard him yell from out in the hall (yes, I leave the room and let Matt take care of the dirty work, I am a huge baby like that) but as soon as it was over I went in and gave him kisses and a sucker...all better! :)

It's still hard to believe this little guy is two already but it has been so much fun watching him grow into a little boy! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Braden!
Love You Forever!!


blueviolet said...

That sure did make me smile! Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet boy!

Katrina said...

He is so adorable!! Ah, that smile! Happy Birthday Braden :)

Deanna said...

Our babies are growing up way to fast!!! It was great to see you guys at Braden's Birthday party!!

Stacey said...

He is so cute!
Love the bawoon tradition. lol I always woke my kids up with a cupcake. They loved it.

Jolene said...

He's so darn cute! He only weighs 3 less than Allie. Hehehe. I can't wait to see you guys! Miss ya!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Braden! Looks like he had an awesome celebration. LOVE the 'Balloon Fairy' thing...may just have to steal that one from you!

He & Me + 3 said...

I always had to leave the room too. Braden is adorable. Those cheeks and eyes are so cute.
Loved all the pictures.
Happy Late Birthday Big Guy!

dan and rachel said...

oh my! he is darling! and look at that baby pic! it practically makes ME teary eyed!

Amy said...

I love that idea! The balloons all over the floor. How fun. And the look on his face is priceless.

Helga said...

Happy Birthday Braden!!! I love the idea of a Balloon Fairy! Braden's Birthday shirt is really cute and he look adorable in those pictures :o)

Bethany said...

Oh, my word! That baby picture of him. He is still such a cutie! Don't you love planning birthday parties for your babies? It's one of my favorite things.

I need Doug to read this. I always have to take the kids to the doctor appointments by myself.

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!!! What a handsome little boy. The balloon tradition is really a cool idea.. love it!! Cant wait to hear all about the birthday party :)

Seizing My Day said...

We have a balloon tradition too... only I hang them from the ceiling!! on ribbons... so the kids can walk around jumping up and hitting them... and daddy bonks their heads on them! now that they are getting taller they can almost bonk their heads by themselves! =) I love that you put them on the floor! SO much fun! why didn't I think of that BEFORE the dog?! =) he he Love the ice cream cake picture where he is nearly IN the bowl!!

Tina Fisher said...

Oh he looks so cute with all those balloons! Adorable! What a great tradition. I am going to have to remember that come November! :)

It's so crazy to think how quickly he has gone from baby in a swing to being two years old!

We are so thankful to know your sweet boy!


Lourie said...

Oh Laura he is sooooo dang cute! I love the one of him attacking his cake. Hahaha. GREAT and SWEET pics.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness!! he really is a doll!! Happy birthday, Braden!

They grow up so fast. I love the cake pictures. He has the cutest expressions!

CM said...

Happy Birthday to Braden!

Oh, what awesome pics! He is simply adorable!

Pennie said...

Braden, Happy Birthday! You have THE BEST DAY to have a birthday on! (ha ha)

I love your "Balloon Fairy" tradition - how creative! And, I love what Braden said! Your kids are SO DARN CUTE!!! My daughter loves to read your blog with me. She loves kids!

You're one smart Mommy for leaving the room during shots. I wish I could've done that! :)

carma said...

He always looks like the happiest fella!! Probably not so chipper when it came to the shots- but besides that - love those pics!!

Arizona Mamma said...

Happy birthday little guy! I forgot how stinkin' close their birthdays are (his and Colton's). Great pictures. The last one makes me want another so badly!

How on earth have you been?

Kate said...

He is ADORABLE!!! Great pics and I love the balloons :-)

Kelly said...

I can't believe he is 2! What a big (adorable) boy! Such cute pictures!