Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have you ever...

...Watched Armageddon and not cried?

...fell on your face in the kitchen after tripping over a pile of toys?

...finished Christmas shopping before mid-December? (I wish)

...let a load of clothes sit in the dryer for 3 days before folding them?

...not mopped your floors for a month?

...wanted to run away from home because you have whiny, tired kids?

...taken a 2 hour nap and then couldn't get to sleep until 3:30 in the morning?

...spent 6 hours addressing Christmas cards, that time mostly spent finding the addresses?

...eaten about 4 servings of block cheese in one sitting?

...waited so long to shave your legs you couldn't remember when you actually did it last?

...sang Frosty The Snowman so many times in a row that you almost lost your voice?

...been so annoyed with the comments and status updates on Facebook that you wanted to stay away forever, but then it only lasted 4 hours?

...saw a cute old man helping his cute old wife into their car and it made you cry?

...had worse acne as an adult than you did a teenager and wonder, what's up with that?

...made chicken nuggets for your kids 2 days in a row because it was easy?

...given up on weight loss and just concentrated on not gaining more through the holidays?

...made puppy chow while PMSing? (bad idea)

...felt like crawling in bed and sleeping for 4 days straight?

...wanted to move south because you're already sick of the Midwest cold?

...worn the same jeans and hoodie for several days in a row and it really didn't matter anyway because you didn't go anywhere?

Yeah, me either.



Tina Fisher said...

No never....;)

Amanda said...

Your blog looks beautiful!!! Love this list... um, yeah... for that laundry one... once I left a load of clothes in the WASHER for three days. My sheets had MOLD on them.


Be blessed!

Holly said...

Love it! God bless - Holly

Carrie said...

Been there and pretty much done it all! Must be a Mom thing :)

mrs. buckster said...

i *love* this post! and um, are we the same person!? because i have *never* done all of these things once or twice. or three times. maybe. ;)

Jen said...

Laura, LOVE the new blog look! Oh, and this post...Yikes, we must be sisters or somethting...done them all way more than I should admit, heck, I just made Puppy Chow this week! This is such a great list. Have a great day! So glad to see you back at blogging. Hope all is well...Jenny

blueviolet said...

At least half of the list, for sure!!!

Pennie said...

Ever have ice cream for breakfast? That's what I'm doing as soon as the kids leave for school because we couldn't have any last night...because that would be unhealthy (that was my hubby's comment last night - we had ice cream Sat. night...) :)

After reading your comments, I'm sure we're related somehow...

Roz said...

Yes. Yes and Yes.

Love your new blog look - have been trying to create a personal header other than a default one for awhile now -please share how you did this!!! There are instructions online, but still can't figure it out.
Stay warm! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I was shaking my head to so many. you are adorable.

Bethany said...

Check, check....

What a list! I don't think I would have the brain power to come up with it if my toes were as cold as yours sound. :) Praying hard for you still.

3LittleMonkeys said...

yes, yes, and yes! What is up with the acne??? GRRRRRR. Some days I feel 13 again.

Jolene said...

Oh, I think every mother can relate! Hang in there! Loved the post!

Mike and Katie said...

Smiling sheepishly, "I have no idea what you are talking about."


Love your list... Never ever;) LOL

Kate said...

Hey Laura - Thanks for stopping my blog from 20 somethings. Yeah, I'm totally with you on the laundry. I don't go more than a day without mopping a floor, but the laundry, we are just perpetually grabbing our clothes out of the huge pile on the guest bed. And yeah, we always want to move south. We actually moved to North Dakota from Memphis just a few years ago. Who does that???? We must be a bunch of idiots. It's 20 degrees below zero today! We could be out wearing flip flops right now walking down Beale Street.

Aly said...

Love your blog!!!!! You have such a beautiful family!

Sonya said...

Wow!! I can so relate to the majority of things on that list!!

I like the new look for Christmas! Very festive. :)

Gramma said...

JUST got thru watching Armageddon while wrapping Christmas Presents...something not quite right about that but YEAH, I was wrapping and crying!!!
Does running away from a tired husband count??? haha

Brianne said...

No not me!!

And seriously what is up with the pimples? I mean it has to be the stress right??

Hey you have to link up a pic so you can be entered to win the bag!! You know you want it! Very cute and machine washable!!

sarah kay said...

you had me laughing out loud with this one! your blog is amazing and your kids are beautiful!! xoxo

-oh, and i've {never} done any of those things! haha

TheFancyFritter said...

LOL! Did I write this list?? LOL...How funny! :)


Thank You for joining my blog. I have joined yours too. Hope to get to know you. Have a great day.

Michelle M. said...

I love the look of your blog!

I can relate to that last one so well since I have hardly left the house since we got back from our big Thanksgiving trip. I've lived in the same zipped hoodie :)

carma said...

yeah, I cannot possibly see you doing any of these things ;-)

Besides, shaving legs and changing clothes is overrated anyway!

dan and rachel said...

love it!

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