Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

It's only been a week since Christmas so I'm not too late getting these up, right!? :) 

I have said this a billion times but everything is so much better with kids.  It's so much fun watching them experience everything and see how excited they get about it all.  This year was by far my favorite with the kids! 

Christmas Eve...
My parents came down and went to church with us then we went back to our house for dinner and presents.  

Matt putting together one of Braden's favorite new toys he got...a Thomas the Train set.  He loves it!

Here's Alexa putting out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  I have no idea what she was doing or saying here but I just thought this picture was hilarious.  It's so her.

Christmas Day...
We woke up and opened more presents and played with all the new toys the kids got.  It was so much fun just the 4 of us hanging out.

Alexa loved everything she got but this unicorn pillow pet was definitely one of her favorites.  She had been talking about getting one for months so I went out and got her the lady bug one.  It was wrapped and under the tree.  I figured I would be mother of the year for getting her the pillow pet she had to have.  About 2 days before Christmas she saw a commercial for them and kept saying how much she wanted the unicorn one.  I was like, "But aren't they all so cute?  It would be awesome to have any of them!"  She flat out said, "No.  Only the unicorn!"  So being the sucker I am off to the store I went looking for the "right" one, unwrapped the "wrong" one, returned it, and wrapped the new one.  After watching her open it, it was totally worth it.  She has been carrying that thing around with her everywhere.  (This picture is of her coming over to hug me right after she opened it...I love this girl!)

Braden on his new big boy bike.  I can't believe how grown up he looks!  He was pretty excited about his new hat (helmet) too.  After he opened it he wore it while he played with his new stuff.

And of course he found the one piece of chocolate that was at the bottom of his stocking. :)

We spent the rest of the day at my mom and stepdad's house with my brothers and sisters. 
And what would Christmas be without playing Wii in princess clothes. :)


Bethany said...

That looks like a fabulous Christmas. I can't believe Braden is big enough for a bike! He still a baby, right? Alexa playing the wii cracks me up. She is so focused. Happy New Year!

Pennie said...

Awww...what cute pictures! And, what a good Mommy you are for unwrapping the wrong pillow pet and getting the unicorn one! Now, THAT's a great mommy! ;) (or, should I say a great Santa???)

Glad you had a great Christmas...we did, too! And, yes - it's all better with kids...ours aren't little anymore, but we wrapped their cellphones and when they went to unwrap their gifts, we called their wrapped cellphones under the tree...their gifts started ringing. At first they didn't get it - they thought they were video games or something malfunctioning. But, once they figured it out, they went WILD!

Helga said...

Christmas with kids is the best :) I love the pictures and the kids look so happy!!! Kobe got the monkey pillow pet and he loves it!!!

Stacey said...

Love the looks on their faces! We got pillow pets here, too. Those were definitely the big thing this year.