Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why I Love My Husband

Today Matt and I are celebrating our anniversary.
Here's a list with just some of the reasons I love this man so much.

1. He makes me laugh.  Every day.

2. He is an amazing Daddy!  He doesn't think twice about getting down on the floor to wrestle, play with babies, read books or just cuddle and it melts my heart every time.

3. He works hard and he does it all for our family.  He spent the last 3 and a half years working and going to school to better our future.  And he never complained about it, not once.

4. He encourages me to get out of the house and do things with friends, he knows I need it more than I know it.

5. He loves my family and they love him.  In fact, I think he talks to and hangs out with some of them more than I do.  I love that.

6. He is calm and patient.

7. He is ridiculously smart.  My sister makes fun of him because he once read her math book for fun...while on vacation.  I love his thirst for knowledge.

8. He's really cute!  Tall, dark and handsome.

9. He vacuums the stairs because he knows I hate doing it.

10. He supports me.  All the time.

11. He tells me I'm beautiful.

12. He loves hanging out together on a Friday night playing cards and watching movies.

13. He will get up with the kids on Saturday mornings and let me sleep in.

14. He sometimes (most of the time) thinks I am too overprotecting, worry too much and obsess over crazy things but he loves me anyway.

15. He is logical.  When I say we should take our tax money and get tickets to Hawaii he says we should take that money and use it as a down payment on a (much needed) new vehicle.  He's usually right. 

16. He gets along with everyone.

17. He can't wait until Braden is older so he can do boy things like hunting and fishing with him.

18. He has the best smile.

19. After working all day he comes home and helps clean up after dinner, give the kids a bath or mows the lawn.

20. He is incredibly handy.  When something breaks around the house he can fix it.  He can also do car stuff and doesn't get mad at me when I ask him if he knows what he is doing.

21. He never goes to bed without giving me a kiss and telling me he loves me.

22. He handles medical situations so much better than I do.  (See #6)

23. He can grill anything.

24. And he doesn't even get mad when I "ruin" a perfect steak he just grilled by using ketchup.

25. Alexa has him wrapped around her finger. 

26. He calls me to just say HI and see how I am doing, even though he is busy at work.  I love that he is thinking about us during the day.

27. He always tells me he likes my cooking.

28. The way he hugs me and kisses my forehead.  Love it.

I love you Honey!!
Happy Anniversary!


Mike and Katie said...

Aww! That's so sweet!

#29 He's willing to meet a strange man in the Subway parking lot to do a milk exchange. :)

Happy Anniversary!

Katrina said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope he reads this-- it's super sweet. :)

Jen said...

Happy Anniversay! You are a very lucky lady! God has blessed you with a wonderful family! God's blessing...enjoy your day. How many years???

Kate said...

What a lovely way to honour your husband :-)

Happy Anniversary!

Laura said...

4 years! :)

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary!! You are truly blessed. What a special tribute to your hubs!! Make him read it too! wink wink

Stephanie said...

Awww that's so sweet!

he totally needs to read this post! my husband never reads my blog so you might have to put it in his face!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Happy Anniversary! This is a great post.

Tina Fisher said...

Yeah! Happy Anniversary!

You've got a great husband/father! :)

Many many happy years to you two!

Amy said...

Just reading that made me melt for you. What a perfect husband you have! So wonderful and thoughtful. I can see the tow of you are perfectly paired. Good job picking him out!

He & Me + 3 said...

You have a keeper. YOu two are so cute. Love the list. He does have a great smile :)
Happy Anniversary!

Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you got to get away for a little while. You are a blessed woman (and he's a blessed man)!

CalgaryDaddy said...

What a Wonderful Post! Happy Anniversary.


3LittleMonkeys said...

Aww...what a wonderful post Laura! He reminds me so much of my hubby...except the being "handy" part! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Seizing My Day said...

What a wonderful post in honor of your wonderful hubby!! =) Congrats!!

In many ways your hubby and my hubby are a LOT alike!! he he! I feel lucky too!! =) except the handyman part!! ha ha!

Enjoy your special weekend together!

Lourie said...

I figured birthday or anniversary! Happy Anniversary to you both! What a loving tribute to your man.

dan and rachel said...

what a sweet tribute. he and dan share many of the same qualities. we are blessed!

Brianne said...

Happy belated Anniversary!! Such a sweet post too!

Helga said...

Happy anniversary!!! That was a great way to celebrate your wonderful husband :o) You guys are so cute together!

carma said...

I like #6 best - there is a lot to be said for "calm and patient" -- hope you had a wonderful anniversary. He is quite a guy!!!!

Pennie said...

This is the sweetest, Laura. Happy Anniversary to you both!

I must say, you are SO CUTE together - you have a beautiful family, and you are a gorgeous couple!

I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Arizona Mamma said...

Sorry I missed this! Happy belated anniversary. It seems I have been missing a lot in the blog world lately.